Dental Extractions in Dallas, TX

Badly damaged teeth may need more than repair. They may require dental extractions in Dallas, TX. For tooth removal from a caring and experienced dentist, turn to Duran Dental Center. Our practice has been serving patients in the local community since 1997.

Let us offer your family all the dental Services necessary for happy and healthy smiles throughout your lifetime. We provide our patients with everything from wisdom teeth removal to cleanings to root canals and dental implants. Our practice makes dental care convenient and affordable. Ask us about our special offer for a 10 percent discount off any service.

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Tooth Removal for Children & Adults

Our first rule is to do everything we can to preserve your teeth throughout your life. However, sometimes it is better for you to have a badly decayed or severely damaged tooth pulled. This applies to children, as well as grownups.

For children, a baby tooth may show signs of serious decay or it may not fall out so a permanent tooth can come in. In either of these cases, we remove the tooth for the best dental health of our patients.

Likewise, our dentist decides on tooth extraction when this is the wisest option for an adult patient. Severe decay is one reason, while damage is another. It may not be possible to repair a broken tooth so in this case, removal is required. Patients who are getting braces may also need to have teeth pulled to make room for the rest to come into alignment. Yet another reason for teeth extractions is to remove impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Impacted Teeth

Many of our patients come to us with wisdom teeth that must be pulled. This third set of molars comes in during the late teens or early 20s or sometimes not at all. Wisdom teeth may be trapped by gums or bone, come in crooked, or crowd other teeth. When this is the case, our dentist removes these teeth.

With a simple extraction, the tooth is loosened and then removed by forceps. This is a process that may be done is less than an hour. However, when teeth are impacted, our dentist must cut through gum and bone before extracting the tooth. This procedure is done under general anesthesia so the patient sleeps through the procedure. Trust in the skill and knowledge of our dentist to perform extractions that are safe and offer only minimal discomfort.

Contact us today for a free consultation about whether an extraction is needed for your problem tooth. We serve patients in the communities of Dallas, Farmers Branch, Irving, Carrollton, and Arlington, Texas, and the surrounding areas. 
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