Emergency Dentist in Dallas, TX

Injuries to teeth or gums require the service of our emergency dentist in Dallas TX. When you have suffered a blow to the face that has damaged your teeth or gums, reach out to Duran Dental Center for emergency dental care. If you are not sure your injury is a dental emergency, call our practice to talk to our helpful staff. We can provide you with practical advice and schedule an appointment that same day for an emergency. We do not want you to suffer one moment longer than necessary.

Emergency Dental Office in Dallas, TX    

How Do You Know If You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency is a broad term when it applies to dentistry. One way you can decide if your case is an emergency is the level of pain you are suffering. When you are in severe pain that qualifies as an emergency. However, even little to moderate pain may require a visit to our dentist. It is our recommendation that you call us and let us know about your problem. Then, we can schedule an appointment right away or in the future, depending on your situation.

It is always best to talk to our same-day dentist about your particular problem. You might have a cracked crown, fractured tooth, or bleeding gums. Trust in our professionals to let you know if you need to see our dentist right away or if the matter can wait. Let us provide you with sound advice so your problem does not get worse.

See Our Same-Day Dentist about Your Dental Emergencies

Swift response to dental problems saves teeth and gums. It is the same with any medical emergency: The sooner you receive treatment, the better the outcome. This is why we provide our patients with emergency service. If you do not need to come into the practice that same day, we can offer you tips that alleviate pain and prevent further damage.

We make time in our schedule to treat dental emergencies. Come to us when a tooth is knocked, out, chipped, or fractured. Also, reach out to us when dental work is damaged. It is always best to tackle a problem when it is small, rather than wait till it is serious, painful, and expensive.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate professionals are here for you whether is you have a dental emergency, need cosmetic surgery, or want to schedule an exam and cleaning. We pride ourselves in personalized service that focuses on our patients' needs.

Contact us today to schedule a same-day appointment when you experience a dental emergency. We serve patients in the communities of Dallas, Farmers Branch, Irving, Carrollton, and Arlington, Texas, and the surrounding areas.
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