Root Canals in Dallas, TX

Save abscessed teeth with root canals in Dallas, TX. The root canal dentist at Duran Dental Center offers gentle and effective treatment. He alleviates pain by removing decay and infection and then restores your tooth to full functionality and beauty.

In practice since 1997, our dentist offers emergency services to patients who need root canal therapy. The pain and seriousness of this procedure requires urgent care. Call our practice to schedule an emergency appointment for a root canal.

In addition to root canals, our practice offers comprehensive dental services for the entire family. Come to us for teeth cleanings, dental veneers, dentures, and implants. We use the latest technology and our dentist speaks Spanish.

Root Canal Dentist Frees You from Pain

A root canal is performed to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. Warning signs that you may need this procedure include severe pain, pus, and bleeding. Perhaps, one of your teeth has a deep cavity, is cracked, or has had repeat dental procedures. The damage that has been done requires root canal therapy.

Pain is what usually alerts patient to the need for a root canal. Fortunately, the pain that patients are suffering from the damage is much greater than the minimal discomfort experienced during a root canal. Give us a call to schedule a consultation and free yourself from pain.

Dental Assistant Looking at an X-Ray in Dallas, TX

Our Procedure for Root Canal Therapy

This procedure starts with a digital X-ray—a new procedure that offers minimal exposure to radiation. Then, our dentist numbs the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic before drilling a small hole in the tooth. Using a series of files, our dentist cleans the inside of the tooth, removing decay and debris. Water is used to wash away debris. The tooth is treated for infection and filled with gutta-percha before it is sealed with a temporary filling.

Capping Root Canals with Crowns

Your seriously damaged tooth not only needs cleaning, it also requires restoration. Our dentist fits you with a crown that provides a permanent fix. A crown is a cap that covers the damaged tooth and strengthens it. After a root canal procedure, pulp and enamel are removed, weakening the basic structure of the tooth. Shoring up that weakened tooth with a crown provides needed protection so the tooth does not fracture.

Contact us today to stop the pain from an abscessed tooth with root canal therapy. We serve patients in the communities of Dallas, Farmers Branch, Irving, Carrollton, and Arlington, Texas, and the surrounding areas. 
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